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Saval division has been engaged for over 25 years in solving cutting problems for coil-wound materials; it designs and makes standard units and special projects (all in compliance with the CE regulations) such as:

  • Double shaft slitter/rewinders with all slitting systems

  • Different models of guillotine transversal cutters with the possibility of:
    • Combined cutting: transversal and longitudinal with all slitting systems
    • Two-shaft rewinding with longitudinal slitting (two units in one)
    • Piling-up on slanted receiving tray; conveyor belt; hydraulic foot-board; set of rollers
    • Dragging with pliers for automatic piling-up of non-slippery materials
    • Special piling-up system for impregnated materials
    • Cutting systems for on-line applications
    • Unwinding of several coils at the same time, even with large diameters




Saval is ready to make available for you its vast experience, flexibility and technology developed with over 600 units installed in Italy and all over the world, to meet any of your longitudinal and transversal cutting needs.







Moreover, we remind you that we can simulate manufacturing test trials with your materials on our machines, on reservation at our plant.


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